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terça-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2012

Maria Lourdes Afiuni Oh! Judge Maria Afiuni I cry to a certain Mary Mary, humbly born poor in Nazareth and was chosen by God to be the mother of our Savior. I cry to the holy anger of the poets I cry to Neruda and to you Ruben Dario Jose Martir, to you too! Finally, I cry to all libertarians poets that yell, YELL unto you, Maria Lourdes Afiuni! Trapped at the behest of the tyrant Chavez Chavez, the Caudillo Fidel’s boots licker tyrant as Nero was! I cry to the free women from America Cry to the soul of Simon Bolivar who had stolen his dream by a lunatic scammer! Which judge from the Bela Venezuela will dare to investigate the thefts, the profits of the family of the tyrant Chavez? And now the fear hangs over the gown and hammer From Caracas to the sea of the Margarita’s Island and into the Venezuelan jungle. What a pity, Maria Afiuni! You are imprisoned in your own home, unable to see the sun And, through the cracks of the door, dream about the moonlight The moon of the lovers The moon of the poets and of the boys libres. Damn it, Mary, To the fifth generation, the insane hand that jailed you! I call the birds of my land, from the small Alagoas, still so rotten. I cry to the gods of rain, wind and air! I call to Archangel Gabriel, messenger of the creator God that you Chavez, tyrant of shit! You will pay, and have been already paying for all the ills you have done to your people. ... One day, that day, a new dawn will come, and it has been coming So that you, Maria Afiuni, embrace the free wind of eternal freedom. Cicero Gomes

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