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quarta-feira, 18 de maio de 2011

@joaobombeirinho II

Let’s go friends

Let´s go y’all

Let’s create a large current

Let us ask

Let us pray

Let us beg

A bone marrow transplant

To our angel @joaobonbeirinho

Brazilian Twitterers unite!

From all the races

Of all faiths


Let’s donate

Let us give ourselves

To our angel @joaobonbeirinho

Let’s fight

Let’s chase

Let’s try

More and more

Let us ask

My friends

My enemies

It is time of peace

We will

Raise the flag of solidarity

To our @joaobonbeirinho

Life Is only worth

Life only serves

If it is to serve



From Oiapoque to Chui

Reach out your hands

To @joaobonbeirinho

Reach to the sky

Pray to the Lord of life

For the life

Of @joaobonbeirinho

I believe!

I have faith

I am sure

That @joaobonbeirinho

Will get his transplant!

Come on!

Relay this appeal

Translate these verses

Cry out loud

Urge it to all

For the life of @joaobonbeirinho


Marino K. Poletine

PA Service Groups
QA Engineer - Sustaining / Linguist
Sony Electronics Inc. VAIO of America

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