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terça-feira, 24 de maio de 2011

I will ask the heavens for @joaobombeirinho

I will ask the heavens for @joaobombeirinho

I will ask the heavens for @ joaobomberinho
I will ask the Lord of time
The winds
that run the land
the stars
The Lady of the Moon
I will ask
The chosen Lady
to be the Mother of the Son of Man
I ask the Lady of the World
give the grace of Hope
I will ask her sister Dulce
To my Padrinho Ciço
To Sister Cleusa Carolina
I ask everyone
the messengers of love
to bring me soon
The compatible donor for
my angel @ joãobombeirinho
I'll ask you my son
delighted in the universe
Show the way for the donor
To reach our @ joabombeirinho
My friends
My enemies
this is not a poem
is a scream.
.... and for my friend bombeirinho
I do pray and pray
I go to the end of the world
because my heart just rest
the day that João Bomberinho heal.
We live in difficult times
Broken dreams
So we have
to look into another's eyes
and trust as the child trusts the boy.
I take this chant to the universe
and that the enlightened friends
lead these verses
to that
chosen by destiny
to heal my warrior
@ joaobomberinho



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